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So let’s assume you would like to travel in different countries and have unforgettable experiences. There are few nice places that allow Georgian citizens to enjoy Visa Free travel. It means that you don’t need any visa (or Visa is issued upon arrival in the country) if you are the holder of the valid Georgian Passport! The list of Visa Free countries does not look too bad – From Australia to Europe and Americas you can find many interesting destinations and avoid Visa related hassles. Here you can find the list and useful information about the travels with Georgian Passport!

For all other destinations including EU, UK and USA you need to apply for a Visa!

The process is simple but you have to be very accurate in providing the correct information for the embassies. Please bear in mind that supplied documents are carefully examined by embassy staff. By providing fake documents you risk to be banned for re-applying the same embassy and might be denied to access other countries too! So, be correct! That is very important!!!

Now what exactly do you need?

1. First of all you need to fill up the application form with the requested data. Be as correct as possible. Forms differ for each embassy and they can be either downloaded form their websites or obtained directly at the embassy.

2. Prepare you hotel reservation! You can easily do it yourself. Personally I prefer Venere.Com. Note that no pre-payment is required for most of the hotels and usually you have up to 48 hours of penalty free cancellation, but you have to provide valid Credit Card details. After the successful booking you’ll receive a confirmation email. Print it out as you need to present it to the Embassy. Make sure that all the dates match! Dates for Air tickets and Booking period. Request Visa accordingly!

3. Air Tickets – This is a one painful question! In Georgia there are no low cost airlines. So find yourself the best available option and ask the travel agency to make the booking (reservation). This has to be printed on a travel agency blank. When you are done just take the paper home and add to the files where you are collection documents for the Embassy. You can find more information about Air Tickets in my Travel Tips page.

4. International travel insurance is another supporting document that you need. It does not cost much! Usually 1 Gel per day. So if you plan a 2 weeks travel it may cost about 14 GEL. Some insurance companies even offer home delivery services where company agent pays a visit and all the formalities are done in the comfort of your home. This is very easy.

5. Now you need a document that certifies your current occupation and the amount of your monthly and yearly salary. Stamped and Signed on the official blank of the employing company. Should you have any additional sources of income you must indicate that too with corresponding supportive documents. Basically, more money you earn more chances for your Visa.

6. Bank Statement. We all have credit cards these days. Actually I can hardly recall using the cash lately and that is great! You need at least last 3 months of your credit card activity to be printed out and stamped and signed by your bank. My statements are usually book thick. So use your credit card (it’s perfectly accepted everywhere) instead of dirty cash and create some credit card history. Don’t worry if you end-up with fewer pages. Just try to keep it at least over 10-15 pages. Another great contribution would be a deposit that you save in bank. Just try to put away some money before you travel and save it in bank! You will need this money anyway. You are not going to travel empty pocket, are you? So save the money where it’s visible for the embassy and take it when you are ready to fly away! How much? I would say more that 1500 Euros per person. But the more the better.

7. Your Valid Passport and Two Biometric photos – 4.5mm -5.5mm (some Embassies need only one, but have two just in case).

8. and finally. Make and appointment! For some embassies you DO NEED to phone and make an appointment, whereas for others you go directly to the embassy! You need appointments for German, French, Dutch, UK and few other embassies. You DON’T NEED appointments for Czech embassy! (My preferred embassy)

DRESS CODE Embassy is not a theater neither it is a sophisticated night restaurant. Be casual, be usual, be what you are! Forget about diamonds and golden rings or costumes and ties that don’t fit! You will only make fool of yourself and look silly!

Advise: Avoid going to Latvian embassy as much as there are multiple confirmed cases of high level bribery! Rumor has it that “Latvian Consul in Tbilisi, Georgia demands gifts and bribes like: gold ornaments and other valuables to issue Visa” – The case is under investigation.

P.S Don’t forget that Visa Processing is not free and it may cost from 30 to 200 euros (depending on embassies and types of Visas). Remember to be positive! and good luck in getting your very first Visa!


6 responses

13 04 2010

From my own experience I can tell you that funds requested to prove that you are able to pay for yourself are 50 EUR/day at most embassies 🙂 no need for static 1500 or more:)

P.S. congratulate me on an overseas visa:)))

13 04 2010

Yes, exactly 50EUR/Day is a minimum that you must have.

And Congratulations with your VISA!!! Going to USA? I am going to UK 🙂

19 04 2010
27 01 2013

sir please can you assist me with the guide to get a georgia visa/visa support as i am need for to get there.

27 01 2013

Georgia is the most liberal country when it comes to visas, such way showing the world its respect to the guests and tourists who are always welcome to visit Georgia. In many cases you do not need special documents to obtain visa prior arrival. Sometimes visa is issued at the border crossing points and at the airports. In most cases you do not visa at all, just a valid passport.

27 01 2013

Please read this page, I hope it will give you a helpful information.

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