Travel Tips

Traveling consists of few simple things. You don’t really need any help from third parties and save that extra money and do it all on your own, just like me.

First of all take the good look at the map and decide where would you like to go. Most of EU is easily reachable with Airlines operating in Tbilisi, Georgia. There is one paradox though. National airlines usually have lower fairs than others. But in Georgia the most expensive and uncomfortable Airlines are the very locals. Unfortunately we don’t have Airlines like Wizz, Easyjet and Ryanair operating in Georgia. So, be prepared that you’ll have to pay pretty much for air tickets. I’ll give you a tip here how to save some money on Air fair. First of all try to find your tickets at – usually they have cheapest fairs in Tbilisi. Look for special internet fairs (with a cherry logo). Keep in mind that these tickets are not refundable and you should only purchase it if you are absolutely sure in your travel dates.

Done with the tickets – now you need to take care of the accommodation. If you are on a tight budget try to choose something in 3 star range. And again few more tips: France, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Italy have very expensive hotels, where as for the same price range you could live in a comfortable 4 and even 5 star hotels in Czech Republic, Latvia and some other east European countries. In that case my choice would fall on Prague! I just love Czech Republic and Czech Airlines! (Actually everything Czech! Even started to learn Czech language!) I believe that everyone should see Prague not one, not two but dozens of times! So far I’ve been there 7 or 8 times – I lost count 😛 – I was there on Halloween, Christmas, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall – All seasons are great and have their own pros!

Winter is very cold but nothing compares to this feeling when you are walking in busy tourist arias with a glass of hot red wine and garlic bread! Yammmi! Than take a boat tour and treat your self with a great Czech beer! (Czechs are very proud with their beer and usually a glass (or can) of Czech beer is included free in boat tours and on Czech Airlines. Make sure you drink plenty of beer in Prague because you are gonna miss every drop of it when you are back!

There are many sites where you can make hotel reservations. was one of the biggest sites offering such services, but lately has become more popular because of it’s intuitive interface and ease of use. Venere.Com is also my proffered web-site when comes to hotel reservations.

Transportation: Transportation is Europe is not cheap. Usually all you need is a subway, trolley or bus. In Amsterdam I don’t remember using much of transport, because it is so beautiful that you have to walk and take a good look at everything. It’s not that big either. For long distances I’ve used trolleys and as much as I can recall they were not that expensive. In Paris you will need to use Metro. It’s best if you buy 7 day unlimited ticket. You have unlimited access to all the means of transport and save a lot of money. Same thing applies to many EU countries and UK – it’s always the best to buy unlimited travel cards. It saves you a lot! In Rome I didn’t buy those cards because it’s also kind of a city where you have to walk! And probably you’ll need to use transport few times. Same thing applies to Florence and all other small cities where everything is a short walk distance away.

Another thing that you can notice is that you can easily get away without buying travel tickets at all. Nobody seems to be checking on you and nothing seems to be blocking your way to have a free ride. Especially in Germany – You have direct access to Metros and trains and almost no control. But don’t be fooled! Time and again there are controllers who will check your tickets and if caught you’ll be fined (aprx. 50 EUR)!

Food Come back later for more tips …


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