Embassy Reviews

Approved and Recommended

[UPDATE 2] Czech Republic – Very nice embassy, operating very fast and on time.
During high seasons this embassy gets very crowded, so plan well ahead.

Please pay attention to this information. There are no more live ques in front of the embassy. You need to register at www.visapoint.eu website and make appointment online.

Netherlands – Very good, but tends to be a bit slow.

– Seems OK

– Little tough, but I never got refusal. Sometimes they demand some additional stupid documents, but eventually they work fairly well.

[UPDATE] UK – Very Nice! (Just like everything else about UK, Superb!)  – Embassy is still OK, but plan your trip in advance. Documents are collected in Tbilisi, but they are sent to Turkey for a review and VISA issuance. So it takes a bit longer than you would normally expect.

UAE (Dubai) – Managed by tour agencies and even by some of the local hotels in Dubai. Whole process is a breeze.


Black-Listed and Not Recommended Embassies

Latvian Embassy – Detected multiple cases of bribery, unfair, stupid demands (e.g invitation number, holly craps!!!) Under Investigation …

Greek Embassy – Very slow, very uncomfortable. Suspected in bribery.

Unrated Yet


This page is not complete yet, please return later.

If you prefer to go to Visa Free Countries, there is a list on my “Visa Free” Page …


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