Georgia covered by

7 07 2010

You know how I love to travel and tell you about all the nice and interesting places. Well, there are many other people who do the same thing and some of them even come to Georgia and find it amazing!

A few days ago Miss Xiaxue from has visited Tbilisi and made a real nice coverage. She was guided by the famous Georgian blogger Mari from Sweet.Ge

The funniest part was the scene in a sulfur baths! Good going girls!

Take a look!


Spring Blooms

19 04 2010

As you know from my earlier posts I’ve been waiting for my Kodak HD camcorder which has finally arrived and I am so so happy.

I filmed some very interesting shorts with it and I will show you them all as soon as I have some time to edit the raw material.

Meanwhile, enjoy these beautiful scene of Blooming Tree. I shot this tiny piece of video in Kakheti region of Georgia. Enjoy!

I will put a special link later where you can download the full quality HD version of this video clip.

Things you want bad and antsisipate…

5 03 2010

It’s been a while I’ve been longing to have a Kodak Zi8 for me. You know how much I love to travel and take beautiful photos and videos. The problems is that all of my Camcorders are so out-dated and huge that you completely loose any desire to drag those with you. There also an issue about the quality and the difficulty to transfer my analog files to PC.

So searching and exploring in what’s available on today’s market I came across these adorable Zi8 camcorders. Sadly, all the major suppliers including Amazon and Kodak Online are out of stock :(( Waiting.. Waiting and waiting… Even got it pre-ordered. And why Zi8 with all the other choices available out there? Well, it seems like an ideal one for me. It’s small and cute. You can put it in a pocket and forget about it – or – whenever you want to capture a moment that will last a lifetime – power on and there you go! It captures in Full HD. It has an Electronic image stabilizer and with an option to connect an external microphone you get the High Quality stereo sound. Videos come up clear and sharp. Colors are little unnatural (over saturated) but I always loved it that way.

What I have notice from my observations is that those Mini HD cameras are extremely popular today. There are Flips and Vados (by creative), webbies and bloggies (By Sony), Samsung is just about to release the new line of mini HD camcorders.

It’s interesting what kind of camcorders or digital photo cameras do you use in your everyday life. And also, what is that you are waiting to buy? What is that special thing that you want so bad and it’s out of stock or you don’t yet have money to buy? And how do you kills this waiting time?