Who’s Behind GoDaddy!

3 12 2010

Fraud? Yes Please!They are registering domain names and providing hosting solutions for a long time, but not as long as me. So when it comes to experience they are nowhere near me (Don’t mean to brag though). Still, over the years they’ve gained quite a reputation and became popular among the people who do the web-stuff. I’ve had few domains registered through this company myself, but it was not until recently I’ve started to question myself – who is behind them!

Now, as you know privacy is a very sensitive issue and it’s become quite a thing these days. So, while many national domain registrars lack the privacy ethics (for example our .ge domain registrar), godaddy.com among other foreign registrars were good solutions not asking any stupid and private questions. Least not until recently. I would call the last experience with godaddy anything but pleasant.

After having a domain registered in a good manner and standard way and setting up working name servers and nearly launching a new website I’ve been contacted by GoDaddy and asked to provide a copy of my ID. Not as if the information provided while registration was not enough, additionally I was asked to provide my photo, ID, billing documentation and a copy of my Credit Card! Well, I’m not the kind of person who easily jumps into conclusions, but all that leads to a suspicion that someone (bad) is using GoDaddy to gain the control over private information by sneaking into our private lives! No wonder there are so many ID’s stolen lately!

Passports, ID’s and Credit Cards are private! Only certain embassies and government organizations SOMETIMES have the right to request it. International border officers have the right to look at your passport check validity! But, there is no way any LLC, LTD or other unknown (or known) organizations, companies or people could ask for it, unless you are willing to become a happy victim of a human trafficking and have your ID stolen!

Be aware of that and REPORT any suspicious activities! Never provide your private information to people ask for it by email or in person (or any other way)! When it comes to domains, there’s are many professional registrars who respect the common ethics and will be happy to provide services without any unnecessary troubles. Ditch the companies and people who ask for it pretending to be “Fraud Department” or other factious characters and ask if they are willing to provide their own IDs first. Legal entities should have no problems to provide their IDs before requesting yours! And remember, you never know who you are sending your fragile information to. There could be criminals or ex-convicts on the other end!


Eka Kvaliashvili Makes a Music Video

19 07 2010

She hardly ever makes any music videos, but when she does it’s something.

This time I was not only invited to the shooting venue, but also was one of the cast. Eka made a progressive move and arranged a facebook casting. She said that it has turned out to be very successful, because all the users already had online profiles and photos and she knew who she was dealing with.

She tried to find models through agencies, before announcing a facebook casting and as Eka said – “They’ve sent me some feminine sissy boys, which is certainly not what a girl wants!” I believe facebook casting is the thing for the future.

I can’t wait to see the final video. It promises to be very vivid and funny.

Here are some photos from the shooting venues (courtesy Shorena Tevzadze)

Georgia covered by clicknetwork.tv

7 07 2010

You know how I love to travel and tell you about all the nice and interesting places. Well, there are many other people who do the same thing and some of them even come to Georgia and find it amazing!

A few days ago Miss Xiaxue from clicknetwork.tv has visited Tbilisi and made a real nice coverage. She was guided by the famous Georgian blogger Mari from Sweet.Ge

The funniest part was the scene in a sulfur baths! Good going girls!

Take a look!

Kvariati Hosted “Georgian Blogging Days”

27 06 2010

In June 24-26 the first Georgian blogging Days were held in Kvariati, Georgia. The bloggers in Kvariati were invited from different parts of Georgia and abroad. Most of them practicing and leading bloggers. Along with specific workshops following issues were underlined. E-manual creation for start-up bloggers, marketing and branding strategies for private companies, blogging through Batumi promoting the rally arrangement of the materials collected, Government’s recommendations to establish social media activities (for GOV 2.0) and others.

Among many other topics the blogging ethicist were discussed followed by informative tutorials of how bloggers should act in case of information war. News reporters Jakhaia (cyxymu), Oleg Panfilov, Saba Lekveishvili and other local vloggers (along with bloggers), talked about their experiences of August 2008 and the social role of Media for the state interests.

Attendees received short trainings about information security and defense tactics. Electronic strategies during the cyber-attacks was one of the hottest topic discussed. All the guest gained valuable knowledge from the experts and shared their experiences with each-other.

Sadly, not all the bloggers made it to the conference in Kvariati, as only selected few most active reporters were chosen. This caused a massive discontent and negative remarks inside the “outcast”.

My Top 5 Destinations: 2 – Czech Republic

13 05 2010

Great! Now we are on a position 2 of my top 5 destinations. It was hard to decide between the first two, but here it is Czech Republic on the 2nd place!

I have never been so many times to any other country than Czech republic and it keeps me coming back for more. so what is it about it?

Culture, Music, Architecture, Food, People and Fun – all of this at its best! It is a very democratic and developed country. As you know democracy and freedom of speech matter a lot and Czech republic takes number 11 (out of 144 countries) in the Global Peace Index, number 14 (out of 169 countries) in Reporters Without Borders’ list and has one of the highest human development index – 32 (from total of 178 countries). Just for a comparison, even USA – the “cradle of democracy” stays way behind this tiny beautiful republic.

How it starts!

On boards of Czech Airlines!

On boards of Czech Airlines!

It is a really short flight form Tbilisi to Prague’s Ruzyně Airport. Many of my posts clearly describes the whole process of getting around it and finding your way to down-town, but I will explain once more. After a very pleasant flight on board of CSA you are going to meet the very first Czech people at the Passport Control – Say “Dobry Den!” to great them and thank them after they put a stamp in your passport – “Děkujeme a nashledanou” (Thank you and Goodbye!)…. Remember this words, as you are going to use them time and again in Prague!

As soon as you get out of the Airport there is a bust stop. Buy the combined tickets for a bus and a metro. Same ticket is valid for both means of transport. Bus number 119 takes you to Dejvická metro station. From that point you are just minutes away from most of the destinations!

Prague City Center

Kde Sokolská ulice?

Kde Sokolská ulice?

Depending on which part of a town you hotel is located it’s advised to go that direction first. I usually book hotels near the central districts so that it would be easily accessible any time by metro or simply by walking. Here on this photo we are trying to find Olya’s hotel at Sokolská ulice. We have a plenty of time to kill before we’ll be able to check in so we’ve decided to take a little walk. Sokolská ulice is near the metro station I.P. Pavlova – we are standing with our map at the Museum – great, it’s only a 10 minutes walk away! Let’s go!

So keep in mind that you arrive in Prague pretty early! You won’t be able to check in hotel until about 1 or 2 p.m! So make sure you can leave you baggage at the hotel or book an early check in (for additional fee) to go directly your room and take a nap! I usually don’t do that in warmer seasons, but in winter it is highly advised! It is very very very cold in Prague in winter!

Once you get rid of the load you are free to go roam and walk around in the down town. Vaclavsky Namesty is one of the main streets and there you can find lots of free WiFi spots to connect to and communicate with you friends or make free IP calls. You can also have a little breakfast or coffee at Starbucks. When you are fully charged and filled with energy go ahead and visit everything!

What to see?

Make My Wish Come True

Make My Wish Come True

In each and every hotel there are free tourist maps available there. All the must see destinations are outlined and explained.

Go to Charles Bridge which is very beautiful! Its construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles IV, and finished in the beginning of the 15th century. As the only means of crossing the river Vltava (Moldau), the Charles Bridge was the most important connection between the Old Town, Prague Castle and adjacent areas until 1841. The bridge was originally called the Stone Bridge (Kamenný most) or the Prague Bridge (Pražský most) but has been the “Charles Bridge” since 1870.

The Old Town bridge tower is often considered to be one of the most astonishing civil gothic-style buildings in the world. The bridge is decorated by a continuous alley of 30 statues and statuaries, most of them baroque-style, erected around 1700.

During the night the Charles Bridge is a quiet place. But during the day it changes its face into a very busy place, with painters, owners of kiosks and other traders alongside numerous tourists crossing the bridge. There is one statue that make you wishes come true when you put your hand on it and there are many nice places there. There you may see people singing, dancing, painting and doing all sorts of interesting things there.

Feeding the goats

Feeding the goats

Don’t just limit yourself with standard tourist attractions, go little beyond! Go to Prague TV center or go to Zoo to spend a very pleasant day there. It was founded in 1931 with the goal to “advance the study of zoology, protect wildlife, and educate the public” in the district of Troja in the north of Prague. The zoo occupies 45 hectares (111 acres) and houses about 4,600 animals that represent 630 species from all around the world. Prague Zoological Garden has contributed significantly to saving the Przewalski horse. For many years it was the biggest breeder of the species in the world. In 2008 Forbes Traveler Magazine listed Prague ZOO among the world’s best zoos.

If you love animals just as much as I do you you get a truly rewarding experience from feeding the animals and watching many exotic creatures having fun and living their wild life in great Czech Zoo!

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary

and definitely go farther and take one of the offered tours to Karlovy Vary – a spa city situated in western Bohemia, on the confluence of the rivers Ohře and Teplá, approximately 130 km west of Prague. . It is historically famous for its hot springs (13 main springs, about 300 smaller springs, and the warm-water Teplá River).

It became a popular tourist destination, especially for international celebrities visiting for spa treatment. The city is also known for the popular Czech liqueur Karlovarská Becherovka. The glass manufacturer Moser Glass is located in Carlsbad. The city has also given its name to the famous delicacy known as “Carlsbad plums”. These plums (usually Quetsch) are candied in hot syrup, then halved and stuffed into dried damsons; this gives them a very intense flavor.

Grandhotel Pupp

Grandhotel Pupp

The city has been used as the location for a number of film-shoots, including the 2006 films Last Holiday (with Queen Latifa trying to jump of the window) and box-office hit Casino Royale, both of which used the city’s Grandhotel Pupp in different guises.

And there I am in front of the famous Pupp!

You will surely get confused with all the treatment services offer in Karlovy Vary! All kinds of spas and treatment procedures are at your service. One of the most interesting for me it was Beer Therapy – a procedure where you take a beer bath and swim in the Czech beer! What a waste for such a great product I thought, but the nurse cheered me up with some comforting information that all the beer is filtered afterwords and it’s sent to third world countries like Russia and other states from the former soviet block. (Kidding!)

Now a bit of a Short History

The Czech state or Bohemia (Lands of the Bohemian Crown) as it was known until 1918 was formed in the late 9th century. The country reached its greatest territorial extent during the 13th and 14th century under the rule of the Přemyslid and Luxembourg dynasties. Following the Battle of Mohács in 1526, the Kingdom of Bohemia was integrated into the Habsburg monarchy as one of its three principal parts alongside Austria and Hungary. The independent Republic of Czechoslovakia was formed in 1918, following the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian empire after World War I. After the Munich Agreement, German occupation of Czechoslovakia and the consequent disillusion with the Western response and gratitude for the liberation of the major portion of Czechoslovakia by the Red Army, the Communist party won plurality in the 1946 elections.

In a 1948 Czechoslovakia became a communist-ruled state. In 1968, the increasing dissatisfaction culminated in attempts to reform the communist regime. The events, known as the Prague Spring of 1968, ended with an invasion by the armies of the Warsaw Pact countries (That’s why we hate Russia so much :); the troops remained in the country until the 1989 Velvet Revolution, when the communist regime collapsed. On 1 January 1993, Czechoslovakia peacefully dissolved into its constituent states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Things started to become better year after year. Today Czech republic is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, because of its beautiful architecture that make the whole country an open air museum, full of places that you never get bored visiting and beautiful Czech people full of glamor and sparkle! I am a very social person myself and I usually interact with everyone and make friends everywhere. Prague was a great experience in these terms. They showed a great deal hospitality and excellent human qualities: “But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had” (Revelation 2:4) for Madonna and didn’t party like you should at her sticky and sweet concert at Chodov. Pardon me for citing Bible but trust me it was very appropriate, especially when it comes to Madonna!

Party All The Time ?

Best mix of Czech Beers!

Best mix of Czech Beers!

There are many clubs and discos in Prague that attract visitors from all over the world! You can find great Draught beer (Czech beer is the best!) in most of this places, but there are other locations too that offer extra premium quality beer for real gourmands! The best part is that Beer is so cheap in Prague that it costs less than a water! My morning usually starts with some canned beer, even before I open my eyes than we have some beer for breakfast and some more for lunch and dinner and supper and lots and lots of beer all night! So much that you can hardly breath! I am so lucky I don’t live in Prague. That would make me a supper chubby and obese man! Surprisingly Czech people in general are quite fit and in good shape!

Dancing - Mix of Czech and Georgian

Dancing - Mix of Czech and Georgian

I also recommend going to places where they offer unlimited food and show program for a fixed price. It’s a great way to spend unforgettable night in a company of your friends and international audience who all have fun, dance, eat and drink!

Beautiful Czech dancers perform all kinds of dancing, including a show with fire and swords, belly dancing and time to time they invite you to dance with them! I am a no good dancer when it comes to folk and traditional dances but I gave it a try! We’ve mixed a Czech and Georgian national dances and made a pretty impressive act! The girl definitely didn’t expect anything like that!


You will love this part! Unlike the rest of the good Europe (what I know from experience there’s also a bad Europe), Prague is extremely cheap when it comes to accommodation! centrally located 3 star hotel is all you ever gonna need for a perfect holidays. You could afford 5 stars as well, but save that extra money for something better. You will probably need something from 10 to 20 euros per person per night for a hotel stay and that includes breakfast!


Shopping in Prague

Shopping in Prague

Just like the rest of the Europe you can find many franchised shops and stores all over Prague! One of the biggest and best shopping center is Palladium! It is not only a shopping gallery with the widest offer in the center of Prague but also a building with unique architecture combining historical with modern. Five floors of shops, restaurants and fun. PALLADIUM is a place for exciting experiences 24 hours a day!

* 180 shops
* 20 restaurants, bars and cafés
* the biggest underground parking in Prague 1 with
capacity of 900 places
* 19 500 sqm offices

Right on the opposite side of Palladium there is another shopping center – Kotva. According to their website it rates among the most frequented department stores in the entire Czech Republic. Perfect combination of traditional Czech shopping with services of a modern shopping center create a unique shopping and entertainment atmosphere. All inside a building with an extraordinary architecture in the very center of Prague.

Besides those two big shopping centers there are thousands of other medium and small shops that sell everything from Czech souvenirs to Bohemian glass and Garnet Jewelry! Tourist hot spots tend to be a bit more expensive so before buying something just look around other places too.

Sad part

It’s the time when you have to part! When packing make sure that you don’t forget anything in your hotel room.

Duty free

Duty free

Usually you will have to make a check-out by the noon (12:00). Don’t wary about the baggage though, you can leave it in the hotel enjoy the last day in Prague!
At the airport you can enjoy a duty free shopping (I call it Duty Added shopping because prices are always higher there:)) and get ready for the boarding!

Tip! – Many stores in Prague offer Tax Free shopping. It means that all the time you spend money on shopping, you will get a refund for everything once you get to the airport! When doing a refund you will be asked about in which currency you would like to get a refund. Insist on Czech kronas, because if you ask for Euros or US Dollars your money will be converted with the worst currency exchange rate ever! You can make a good use of the refunded Czech kronas in the Duty free shops!

And it’s time to board the plain! Fasten your seat belts, Goodbye Prague and hope to see you again soon!

Preferred Airlines: CSA!

20 04 2010

CSA in the Sky

There are just too many reasons to love Czech Republic and one of them is certainly České Aerolinii!
Over the time CSA has become my preferred Airline and here is why:

1. First and most important – Transit flights through Prague are always convenient, because of the central European location. The rest of the European destinations are a glimpse away and usually take no longer than 90 minutes.

In case you have few hours in your transit don’t just wait in the (Ruzyne) Airport, but get out in the city. It is recommended if you have more than 6 hours of waiting time and you know Prague well. I know Prague just as well as my hometown and it’s no problem for me to get out to the downtown in few minutes and return. Just buy the ticket at the Bus stop and get to Dejvická metro station. That is a final station of the bus number 119 from Ruzyne Airport. Same ticked is valid for your metro trip. In 3-4 stops you are in the downtown and most of the touristic attractions are a walking distance away.

I usually take advantage and don’t miss an opportunity to drink some draught beer brewed locally in Prague. If you share the same passion about Czech beer you must do the same! Czech Gambrinus is also served on board (na palubách – as the say in CZ)free of charge on Czech Airlines. So that’s another good reason to fly with CSA.

Metals Servings instead of Plastic

2. Food on board is far better than on most of other Airlines and very delicious. Unlike many other carriers you are not limited to just one type of drink and you can have juice, coffee, tea and mineral water to your hearts desire. There is a limit on a single can of Beer, but you can buy more if you wish.

It’s also very nice that instead of plastic spoons, forks and knives you get much better quality metal servings that actually cut and doesn’t break when pushed a bit hard.

I must mention one situation when my friend traveled with Airzena (Airlines in Georgia) he was shocked to know that there was no juice on board. When he asked what was the reason for that, he was told that “global economic crisis” was to blame. I mean common! How expensive is it to buy few litters of fruit juice for the poor passengers who have paid hundreds of US dollars for their flights. This will never happen on CSA and thank God!

3. “Chtěl byste kávu, pivo nebo džus?” – Yeahhh! beautiful Czech FA’s. They are welcoming, attentive and take a very good care of the passengers. They are also very polite and ready to make your flight as comfortable as possible! So “Díky jim za to!” and don’t forget to say: “Děkujeme a nashledanou!” when saying good-bye!

Me sleeping in CSA

4. Frequent flier program – the more you fly there are more benefits for you. And if you’ll fly as often as I you will also become “Vážený pane” (Important Person) with a silver card and many benefits. The best of all 42 Kg luggage limit, fast track, business class check-in!

5. Safety! The most important factor of all! I really feel safe and calm when I fly with CSA because I know that their fleet meets all the quality standards and they have a very professional crew!

There are many more less important reasons why CSA has become my preferred Airlines, but i will not bore you with more details.
Fly once and you’ll stick with it for good!

Do you like do Boogie-Woogie?

18 04 2010

Madonna Celebration party took place yesterday at Tbilisi’s New Art Cafe on Orbeliani street.

Event was organized by the fans of Pop Icon in Tbilisi, Georgia who have their discussion board on a national forum.

Beer, mild alcoholic drinks with snacks and a lot of Madonna in the air mixed with Madonna friendly dance tracks.

This was an experimental project to promote the New Art Cafe and turn it into a more popular place for youth and vibrant generation.

We wish the organizers of the event a great success and though the party had plenty of faults, I will simply overlook them this time for the sake of the Diva.

The idea itself to make a Madonna Celebration Part deserves five stars, but I wish when something like this happens next time, it will be done with some more professionalism.