Kutaisi Airport (KUT) Goes hi-tech and green

26 07 2012

Not only it will be the greenest and Eco friendly airport in the region, but promises to have highly advanced terminal and one of the tallest ATC towers in the world (58 m). It will be clad with a transparent skin with the potential to change colour as air traffic fluctuates.

Airport designed by UNStudio will serve domestic and international flights, including low cost airlines to promote tourism in Kutaisi and nearby cities Senaki, Zugdidi, Poti, Batumi and so on.

Wizzair will begin it’s low cost flights starting September 27, 2012.

The design for the new terminal in Kutaisi focuses first and foremost on the experience of the traveller by creating an inviting, safe, transparent and user-friendly airport. The desire to provide for and communicate equally with both international visitors and the local community is paramount.

Ben van Berkel

The 4,000 m2 terminal building will house a central arrivals hall, a check-in area with lounge, cafe and car rental facilities, three gates for departure with retail, cafes, a CIP lounge area and exterior garden, an arrival area with customs and offices for the border police and an administration area with staff rooms and press conference facilities.

Georgia, a young state in the Caucasus which has undergone considerable development in recent years, is moving its Parliament from the capital Tbilisi to the city of Kutaisi. A new parliament building is currently under construction in Kutaisi and in 2012 the first parliamentary meeting will take place.

In recent years growing numbers of tourists have been discovering Georgia, a country with an ancient and engaging history. As a result there is increasing demand from airlines to fly to Georgia. By virtue of its geographical advantages and the nearby location of two of Georgia’s most important Unesco monuments, Kutaisi was selected as the destination for a new airport. The new Kutaisi airport will in addition provide an economic impulse to Georgia’s second city and its new seat of Parliament

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One response

24 12 2012

mooop. in the list of the worlds tallest control towers, the atc of vienna with it`s 109 metres is missing.

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