From Dreams to Scams – The eDreams Story

5 01 2012

More and more people make bookings online, whether it’ll be flight tickets or hotel vouchers. Competition is harsh in this business and not all the players play the fair game. There are more and more booking websites popping up each day some of them trickier than others. One has to be very careful before making the commitment to confirm the booking and provide billing information and credit card details.  Today I want draw your attention on – the site that has caused a lot of fuss lately ripping off people and overcharging naive travelers.

Typical story about eDreams is very simple – You search the web for the best possible flight ticket fares and hotel offers and come across offering great deals! But hold it there, not so fast! Once you start booking your price increases gradually. Here is an example for – Tbilisi- Istanbul – Tbilisi flight – offer is operated by the budget airlines “Pegasus”. eDreams initial offer prices 115 Euros.

If we compare the details on the “Pegasus” website we will see the following picture. The fare is actually higher on Pegasus. One would wonder – how is that possible?

So where is the catch? Let’s go back to eDreams and continue the booking.  After completing all the personal information and going to final page where you actually have to pay for your ticket you see that your fair has suddenly increased. So called “service fee” is added to the total price and it is higher than offered on “Pegasus” website.

But the funny story does not end here. Even if you close your eyes on this little difference and make additional payment, you are not guaranteed that you will receive your confirmed seat on the plane. eDreams does not automatically confirm your ticket and ask for dubious additional details like photo copy of your credit card that has to be faxed or emailed to them. And after they check everything and grant you a ticket, they also mention that your booking fee has actually increased a little more…again! Now you are left with two options: to cancel the booking (another painful process) or  overpay, because you have already paid a great deal of money and you are already so fed up that you don’t give a damn about additional 10 or 20 euros to finally get your ticket. But have you noticed how wrong this paragraph really sounds? Normally, every airline gives you the instant confirmation when you make booking directly on their websites and does not ask for additional suspicions details. Additionally I must advise all the readers that sending credit card and billing details over internet is highly risky and not advised. Same rule applies faxes. This is very risky! Even the issuing banks won’t ask you to do that, because they know that this is a serious risk! This is the golden rule that you must bare in mind – if you are asked a photo copy of your credit card or credit card details to be emailed, stop right there and report the scamers to proper authorities. First of all contact your bank and tell them what happened. Ask them to check if there is money blocked and if there is ask them to release it.

It’s the same story when booking the hotel. Here is one interesting example from A great deal for three star hotel in the city center instantly catches your attention, but don’t forget that some things are usually too good to be true!

I may not be the great mathematician but three times 31.05 does not equal  103.50, at least not in our dimension.  But even with this additional, let’s say “service fee” of  10.35 euros  it still seems a pretty good deal.  All other websites, including Booking.Com and Venere offer the same accommodation from 175 Euros.  So where is the catch now? Once you proceed you’ll learn that you never should have come to this web-site in the first place. Each time you try to book this hotel you will get the error message stating the failure of transaction. Heaven forbid if you’ve repeated this steps few times, because your credit card is actually charged each time you try to succeed in booking this offer. But you will never get the confirmation letter for this booking. Contacting eDreams by email  is absolutely useless, as much as you get the standard letter:

” Dear Customer,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your e-mail
and for getting in contact with eDreams.

Due to the nature of this matter, your query has to be dealt with
over the phone by calling our Call Centre and a travel agent will
be glad to help you with your booking:

0034 93 492 0533.

Our opening hours are:
Monday to Friday: 0900 – 2330 (Central European Time).
Saturdays: 0930 – 1800 (Central European Time).
Sundays: 1000 – 1900 (Central European Time). “

There are hundreds of people who struggled with customer service department of edreams. Here is the fine example of one of them:

“After 13 minutes waiting for someone to answer, the first customer service representative listened to my story, then transferred me to the booking department while I was screaming at him “don’t transfer me; I don’t want to book another flight with this company!” Not listening to me, I was transferred so he didn’t have to listen to me anymore.

At the beginning of the next call, I immediately began stating my case when the customer service agent told me that there was a “problem” in the line and to try calling back (although the lady and I had already exchanged names and greetings without her mentioning a problematic line). “ (Taken from

So, what you should do? First of all avoid using this websites. There are hundreds of raging reviews about eDreams and all the stories are much alike. All these people can’t be wrong. I personally had a bad experience with this company and I would not recommend it to anyone. If you did not know about it and became a victim of this scam immediately contact your bank and cancel the transactions and block all the future transactions from this company. If you still get charged, report it to proper authorities. many credit cards are insured from such incidents.

Only safe way to book your flight tickets is directly from flight operator websites (,,,, and so on …). Buy tickets from official websites only! When it comes to booking your hotel it is advised to use websites that are proven to be reliable and safe. Personally I prefer or Naturally, there are other good websites too, I can’t list them all, but the golden rule of thumb is that you have to Google the booking company before making your final commitment.




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6 02 2012

We heartily agree with everything that has been said above having experienced the same problems. Luckily our credit card company refunded the cost of the flights which although paid for and confirmed edreams never sent the etickets! They charge extortionate phone rates to get in touch with them and strangely are never available!! We will NEVER use edreams again!

29 05 2012
Lars Colberg

I can confirm all of the negative feedbacks.
I have booked a ticket with them through the German website and received a notification that the booking was not successfull and was canceled and I should try again. So I did it again and recieved a confirmation email. Then I checked my account and discovered that the money for the ticket was debited twice.
I tried to contact them from abroad on every number that was provided on their website. One was not connected at all, the other was always busy. I managed to contact them at the end (with the help of someone in Germany) and was assured (by a person with a strong Asian accent) that the money was already released and will be debited back soon. After a week it still wasn’t done. Only after a very harsh email the money was eventually transferred back.
I did some research after this and found out many people have had similar experience. It is a deliberate strategy.
Don’t use eDreams! Even if it seems to be cheaper, you will save yourselve a lot of troubles!

4 12 2012

please tell me how i can get my money back!! i payed with paypal.

4 12 2012

” Try to contact paypal directly and explain what happened. You may get a refund. Try this link to contact PayPal: To call them, or to send email. You have to be logged in to use these direct links. “

23 02 2013

Can you please tell me how to get my money back? I have been trying to write harsh mails to them but get no response! outrageous !

12 06 2012
Quality Service Inspector

Reblogged this on IQSI and commented:
A very interesting post for travellers

18 06 2012
paul aalmans

I booked a flight from Lisbon to Cali (Colombia) beginning January 2012, they declined my credit card twice, although there is enough credit on it, I received email from them, I had to do bank transfer, so I did. I wasn’t able to see my credit card account slips until may because always traveling, my mom sends them to me and I see that edreams took 740,-Euro the first time they charged my card, this in addition to the bank transfer they asked me to do. Because it was more than 3 months ago my bank couldn’t do anything for me, I wrote edreams several times claiming my money back, but they completely ignore my writings, although I send them prove of the 740,-Euro they charged my credit card with !!! The numbers they provide me with can’t be called, not from Skype nor from my cell phone. I would appreciate any tip to get my money back, please avoid this company under all circumstances !!

19 06 2012

Naturally the best would be prevention of such incidents and this is the major reason I’ve posted the article so that people learn about such companies and avoid them. There are many other scam hunters who devote their time and energy exposing dishonest businesses so people should check first before making any commitment.

Now that this incident already happened the only thing I can recommend is to seek the legal advise from authorities. Tell the bank that you want to report that money has been stolen from your account. That is exactly what happened. Write directly to VISA or AmEx depending the credit card you used.

I hope you will be able to get your money back. Contacting them on their bogus numbers is pointless. Take legal actions.

19 06 2012
Tevfik Sertel (@tevfiksertel)

Great post. I’d like to add our experience:

Someone close to me booked a flight by them and they sent an email saying that there was a problem. They asked for the passport #.

When this information was provided they said that there was another problem and they asked for a fax of the passport and credit card used. That’s when we got suspicious and after we called the bank it turned out that they had already charged the card for the full amount but the flight wasn’t booked.
When we called the customer care number we waited a long time because they basically make money for having you hold and then after 20 mins they hung up. This happened twice.

This site is a scam!

I’ve heard of times when they actually book flights but I think they just do that so that people take the risk and so that they can keep up the scam.

Also their SSL Certificates are invalid which points to a site being untrustworthy.
Never use their site!

10 07 2012

Thanks for this info. I too was scammed by this company. Wish I had checked your words first!!

6 08 2012
Leo Heck

I was about to close the deal: 2 tickets from Beijing to Munich. But I just had this feeling that there was something wrong. I’m happy I’ve found this page.
Thanks for the information. It was very helpful.

9 08 2012

Sorry for raining on your parade, guys, but I’ve been using Edreams for 6 years now, and even though I’ve had some minor problems with them once in a while, I’m not switching to anything else. As with any service that requires more than one step from you, you really have to use your brain, read disclamers, make your selections right, and yes, bear responsibility for what you’ve selected. If you can’t do that, you should go to your local travel agent, pay a premium for his service and have him do what you can’t – fill out your name and passport number on the web page.

9 08 2012

Everyone has their own experiences and sadly the less fortunate ones outweigh the successful deals with this company. Personally I consider myself highly experienced traveler and do everything myself. Never had to use premium services from local travel agents and I travel 3-4 times a year to 6-7 cities. I always use or when booking hotels and never in my life I had even a minor problem with them.

What I hated about eDreams is their complete ignorance towards their clients. Mistakes can happen with every company, but how they deal with it is most important. In my case it was a complete flop.
Not only it was near impossible to contact the proper people who would be in charge of solving the problem, they kept me bouncing from one department to other with no final resolution of the problem at all.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I welcome all types or reviews.

1 09 2012
ayse onder

I am one of those who trusted eDreams for my flight to Boston from Istanbul and got very disappointed! They asked for my passport number (which seemed odd at the moment but being the trusting kind, I gave it to them) and after filling out all the forms and giving my credit card number, they said they could not get the money and that I should pay through a bank. I did not and cancelled my trip but learned that they had already charged 65 usd from my credit card for no service or reason! Compared to the above notes, I think this is a lesson learned! Never eDreams again!

5 09 2012
christopher quirk

Steady increase in price as booking process goes on. Rejection of credit card,asking for bank draft.Once bank draft received- I was told it was told it was 150 euros short (although I had sent the exact amount in euro they requested. One e ticket received one flight leg was omitted. They are DREADFUL.

25 09 2012
edreams - scam mimo sazeni

[…] Bližší info o tom, jak ten scam probíhá je třeba tady. Ještě doplním, že když požádali o doklady, tak jsem jim poslala nadávací email. Na ten […]

25 09 2012

thank you very much for your comments .. i was almost book flight to bangkok using this website but now i know it is scam i will use any another officail website for airways company>> reallit it was so helpful to me

28 09 2012

Thank you all for your feedback. I neerly booked a 167£ flight before I realised it rocketed to 198£. I also realised the support line is a premium line charged at 1.50£ a minute. This alone sent alrm bells ringing.

13 10 2012
Apples and Oud

Thank you so much for writing this, I was also just about to close the deal but the price increases got me ticked off. I immediately searched and found you. I think I’ll circulate this information.

13 11 2012
Annie B

Ditto here. What a bunch of sleaze bags. Wish I had checked this out before I booked, but any attempts that I made to Ryan Air kept coming back as the e-dreams link. I could never get a direct link to Ryan Air. I loved what you said about getting so frustrated you will agree to another 10-20 euros just to book the damn thing. Sounds like it is not even worth trying to re-coup $60- $100 I lost (depending on how you calculate it.) If there is a way to re-coup money, I’d love to know it.

14 11 2012

I am sorry about your bad experience. You should contact your bank and discuss this issue with a credit officer. Different banks have different policies and they will tell you what’s best for you. I hope you can get your money back. Good Luck.

14 11 2012
Annie B

I ended up using Paypal for an even bigger fee as e-dreams could not get my perfectly good credit cards to work.

14 11 2012

PayPal has a very good “Buyer Protection Program” – all your transactions are covered with that. Try to contact paypal directly and explain what happened. You may get a refund. Try this link to contact PayPal: To call them, or to send email. You have to be logged in to use these direct links.

3 12 2012
Annie B


Just wanted to thank you for your suggestion to contact Paypal and file a claim with them. I did and they have decided in my favor and will be refunding me the charges above what Ryan Air charged. I made it very clear to them that e-dreams was not a company they should be doing business with and they were more than happy to look into it.

On a humorous note I did get an e-mail from e-dreams telling me that my banking entity was not covering the charges and asked if I would contact them so that I could pay them again.

again, thanks

Best Annie

3 12 2012

Thank you Annie, I am happy for you.

24 12 2012

I just bought I flights worth of 1000 euros there and I am getting really worried. I got some e-mail with details of the flight but it didn’t look like normal e-ticket. I wish I found this site earlier, I am so mad and sad.
My parents paid my flights with VISA/paypal? is it possible to cancel the payment???

24 12 2012

If you have received booking reservations and you were charged correct amount of money, I think you have nothing to worry about. Many deals on eDream are successful to keep the business floating. You might be one of the lucky people. I would still check booking references with the representatives of air companies. You can also check your flights at (Sometimes “checkmytrip” does not show flights by some booking reference numbers, so don’t worry if nothing comes up). I know some people who bought tickets on eDreams and everything was OK. And if there’s anything wrong, you can get premium support from paypal.

25 12 2012

Thank you so much.
I called the air company (Finnair) and they had my flight reservation and said I had been charged. So I really hope everything is fine when I go to the airport…

24 01 2013

Hello I tried booking a flight for 83 year old mother and her traveling companion. I thought this would help her! As I got to the last page of booking and paying for the flights, the website informed me that the credit card transaction could not be confirmed or processed and I must at once send a bank transfer to their German Bank UK (??!), then once paid at my bank, I must send them a copy of the transaction via FAX.
I refuse to do this. My question to you all, who seem to now be more informed than I am is, do I have to pay them?? Am I obligated to pay somehow? Or, if I ignore their request to blindly send a bank transfer, will this problem go away?

25 01 2013

You are not obliged to pay anything (booking process, if not confirmed is not binding), but make sure your card has not been charged. Sometimes they make this bogus statement like “credit card transaction could not be confirmed” when in fact credit cards get charged. So my advice would be to call the bank and check your card.

25 01 2013

Thank you so much kobasworld for your quick reply! The credit card company was at once notified and the card cancelled. No charges were put through, thank heavens. If you say we aren’t obgligated to pay or continue with this reservation (they have in the meantime sent my mom an email saying the reservation is ‘Not Confirmed. What to do next: Send a bank wire to…..’), then I think we’re fine. We will most definitely NOT be sending them any money. My worry was that they claim, on their website, that every reservation through Edreams is considered a purchase and cancellations may not be possible.
In any case, thanks again kobasworld for your help and for making me feel less worried.
I will never use Edreams again. It was a fluke that I even found them. I usually book tickets online directly with the airline company, which I will from now continue to do!

25 01 2013

You can just reply them saying you are no longer interested in this reservation. You did not get to the point where you would have an actual reservation, so no obligations here. You just made an attempt, there was a problem on their side (not yours), so if there’s no obligation on your side whatsoever.

8 02 2013

Wow I’m really glad that you posted this – when I saw the extortionate credit card fee I got suspicious and googled Edreams (before completing my transaction). THANK YOU! This edreams website is a total con!

7 04 2013

Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that
it’s truly informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I will appreciate if you continue this in
future. Lots of people will be benefited from your writing.

18 04 2013

Thank you very much for this article.
We did our booking with e-Dreams the 8th to BA. First mail stated correctly it didn´t get trough (as I wrongly used my e-card that is no suited for flight and hotel bookings) therefore I booked with standard visa. Seemed ok. Didn´t read carefully that if all is ok they will issue the tickets. Just today I found their email from 9th I made two bookings and I have to confirm again to their email. I was upset, yet I wrote back to confirm my original booking. Nevertheless I got suspicious. Meanwile i serched for connection between the dream and scam and found your page. Immediatelly informed my bank not to issue any money and informed them of the risk to warn potencial clients. I also cancelled my last request and expressed my dissapointment in them. £ 1,200 worth saving the trouble. I will make sure to warn my colleagues woldwide to avoid them. Anyone who builds their business case on unfortune of other people should not be let. Thank you again!

18 04 2013

BTW. they charged £48 to my card instead of declared £33, yet they returned it immediately the 8th so no loses so far.

23 04 2013

I’m so, so unhappy to have read this a day after booking “tickets” with edreams. I feel so stupid and ridiculous for having fallen for their scam. Sadly, my account has already been debited for £800, which I’ll never see again. (I booked return flights to the U.S) I don’t know what to do, I feel sick and numb and I can’t sleep at night, I’m 18 and this is the first holiday I’ve ever booked for myself, so I didn’t realise how crazy all of their conditions and website are!

I don’t know what to do, I can’t get my money back, and I don’t want to book more tickets with another airline. So far, I have received 2 emails from edreams, telling me that I’ve got a confirmed booking or whatever, but they want me to “REMEMBER TO CONFIRM” – and then the email cuts off abruptly. I don’t know what it’s supposed to say, and I’ve emailed asking for help. Naturally, no response.

Shot in the dark: seeing as I’ve received 2 emails the schedule seems correct (and they haven’t SO FAR double charged my bank account) are there are ANY stories of things turning out ok for people with edreams in the end? (I know I’m clutching at straws here…but I’m distraught)

That £800 was years worth of savings. I know it’s all my fault for not doing more research, but if anyone has any advice on what to do next, I’d be very grateful (should I stop my bank card in case they ask for more money?), obviously I’m telling everyone I know about this scam and will never, ever, book with a company that is not a direct airline again 😦

Many thanks,


24 04 2013

Hi Nikki.

There are many cases where everything went smoothly and people got their tickets.

Remember, you can always go to your bank and tell them what happened. In many cases they do charge back.

I will email you if you need more help.

23 11 2014
Dipak Bose

Are you a liar. I have paid for three tickets using website and I got no confirmation, no E-tickets, no money back. E-Dream is a cheat company.

30 04 2013


Thank you for writing such review, I came across to your website trying to answer my question “Why is so damn cheap”.


9 05 2013

Total nightmare, same deal booked flight tokyo to london and had card declined only to discover payment had been taken but no ticket. I believ it is a Spanish business , what a bunch of scammers

29 06 2013

Booked with them a Flight from Germany to Oslo 6 Weeks ago….calledn the Airline if everything wnt well after 2 days after the booking. All was fine by then. Got a confirmed reservation from airline and e.fucking-dreams. 8 Days later sectretly Edreams cancelled the flight and report to the creditcard.(at least we got part of the money back). But no one send a notice or an email, if i hadnt tripple checked it again i would be standig with pants down at the Gate in Frankfurt after 3 Monts planning a trip with a pet-cabin transport. I will try everything that at least in germany some law institution will start doing something about them. This has to stop. NOW!

1 07 2013

Today i got a response from the “customer support”. They maled me to call them back under a number which is creating a link to foreign countrys and u got to pay up to 3euro/per min if u call them. As i remailed them,on several of their email adresses they had set my on the spam filter and i wasnt able to contact them anymore. So, lets see what the lawyer says the next week…..hell about time to smoke them out.

2 07 2013

Thanks Miep, I hope you can do something about it.

10 07 2013

Complaint regarding booking reservation 5JSNK8 and Z89RCO: Flight from Hamburg to Montreal

I booked a ticket that was from Hamburg to Montreal and back. I filled out all the forms and payed via a secure payment via credit card. Directly after the booking, and the debit of money from my account, I received a confirmation email with all flight details.

Not long after I received an e-Ticket confirmation for one of my flights. Hamburg to Paris. Flight 5JSNK8 total cost 110.78 EUR

The second flight (Paris to Montreal booking number Z89RCO : Total cost 765.7 EUR) I received an email 10 hours later that more information was required to confirm the flight. I thought this was strange as money was debited from my account (double checked).

The following day I emailed the company with my passport details. I received a following email the next day saying that I had to actually send a copy of the documents to the documents department at eDreams. After sending a photocopy of my passport. I received no response.

I called the Call center and inquired about my flight from Paris to Montreal. They notified me that there was no booking in the system for the second flight and that the flight was automatically cancelled because of lack of additional documents. I mentioned that I did send my details and that it was ridiculous for the company to charge me without complete finalization of the ticket. After a heated discussion she suggested that I send my documents to her personally along with the flight details and that she would finalize my booking.

After an hour of no response (my details were given to her when I gave her my information) no response for few hours I called the call Centre again and talked to another person and the suggested that I make an additional booking. I mentioned that I was not going to make another booking through eDreams until I received my money for the second flight that was not issued. They responded by saying that I would receive the money in 3 business days.After a day with no response from the company I filed a complaint for a refund of my Paris to Montreal flight: 765.7 EUR

To make sure that I actually got on the plane form Paris to Montreal, I booked a separate ticket directly through the airline online (same connecting flight) at a higher cost now as it was later. Now I am still struggling to get my money refunded from eDreams for the second flight from Paris to Montreal which was charged to my account but a ticket never sent (nor an actual email notifying me that I didn’t have a ticket). If I did not make additional inquiries I would have arrived in Paris without a ticket to Montreal!

If anyone can send me information where I can pursue this complaint further, e.g. upper management of eDreams or via legal action. Please leave a comment.

12 07 2013

thank you sooo much for this site and reviews, that actually is a life saver…

13 07 2013

Hi all
Today I made a reservation with eDreams. I live in Australia. They sent me the ticket immediately. However, the date of the flight was strangely incorrect. I e-mailed every address I found to cancel the flight immediately or correct its date. Finally, at 5:30 PM I called their provided phone no. and explained my situation. The operator told me I should cancel my reservation and they will charge me 54 AUD for their service and I will get the remaining amount back in one and a half week.

Once more, I called the number and another operator replied and confirmed that the reservation is cancelled and told me that I have already done the refund for you. However, the ticket money is withdrawn from my account now, and I cannot see the refunded money back into my account.

Should I inform my bank this problem, or I can trust them and wait for one and a half week. I’ve became a little worried about this travel agency.

Thanks for your advice

15 07 2013

Hi Reza,

It usually takes 1-2 weeks to get your money back on your account. If they’ve confirmed cancellation and a refund, chances are you will see your money back soon. Keep all your emails and confirmation/cancellation letters in case you need it should any problems arise. Good Luck!

15 07 2013

Thanks kobasworld

I’ve already got my money back! It just took two days which were holidays.
I was so lucky in this case. That might be because the customer service of eDreams in Australia works better or I have informed them very soon.

However, I will not buy any ticket from eDreams anymore, cause they are very infamous.


2 08 2013

I actually made a booking with this website yesterday which I should have checked whether or not they were a legit company. After a day, thinking I would be having so much fun in the sun in a few weeks, I received an email from them. I was given an initial price which I have paid for using my card. However, the Email I received told me the prices had gone up and that I would have to pay for it, if I wanted to still book this flight. This is ridiculous. The website is untrustworthy and I should had never gone to this place. You can’t just go around charging people more money when you already took money out of someone’s bank account. This website should be shut down immediately and I’m glad that EastJet has been doing their research on their malicious behaviour.

15 09 2013

hi, we booked a ticket from tel aviv to NY and when they booked the ticket they booked it from NY TO TEL AVIV!!!! NO way to change it and no way to speak to them! Finally called my credit card and but a stop on the charge which they were doing right away and alerted them of all the fraud activity this company was doing, thanks to all of you. Someone has to stop them!!

17 09 2013

Thanks for the information

4 10 2013


19 10 2013
Liam Jones

My Story – Edreams – E-nightmare!

So stupidly I booked with Edreams to go on a flight to China. I had all the extras they charged and it came to £566 for a one way. I then thought I had booked it. But then received an email stating there had been an error with my booking. I emailed them back with the email they gave me and didn’t hear back from them.

I found many bad reviews, I should have checked before hand. I rang my bank to cancel the pending transaction because of the error report email. I then checked two days later Edreams had sent the transaction again, even after I cancelled it, and took the money – £566.

So, it was about 5pm when I found they had taken the money the second time. I got really mad and looked at more reviews of people saying they couldn’t get refunds etc.

After I followed there procedures 4 days earlier by emailing them and not getting a response, I crawled the internet looking for every email address I could find in relation to edreams. I must have emailed 30 people insisting they got back to me. I also went on twitter and tagged all there accounts telling them nobodies emailing me back, I also went on their face book and posted a few comments. The final person I emailed was there CEO, I found him on LinkedIn. So pretty much I fired all cylinders and went mad messaging them. Kept refreshing my emails and nothing…I then checked my bank account at about 9pm. And there it was the full refund. So pretty much social networks helped me out a lot I think and it got me heard and most importantly my refund.

19 04 2015
Samantha Faith Lubrun

I’m going through a similar situation with them and i plan on using your strategies. Do you still have the email addresses that you emailed?

19 04 2015
Samantha Faith Lubrun

it would be a great help

11 11 2013

Yes, you should avoid this company.
I just booked five tickets brussels->Bologne for Christmas on Ryanair with eDreams. At confirmation, a total price of 716 EUR was shown, which I accepted after entering my credit card details. Clicked confirmation, and am then informed that I’ve been charged 1065 EUR for the flights.
I immediately received confirmation from Ryanair for the booking. In their confirmation, the total cost of the tickets is 835 EUR.
What sort of scam is this??

I’m going to contact an consumer advocacy organization here in belgium and see if they can help get out of this. Judging from posts here and elsewhere contacting customer support at eDreams will be just feeding more candy to the beast.

11 11 2013

Thanks for this information and please post your updates about this matter.

25 11 2013

At Dublin airport after being left high and dry by edreams – money taken from account, no ticket, edreams operator hung up on me in an incredibly rude fashion. On contacting them again (absurd rates for phone call) they tried to extort yet more money out of me. Please boycott these criminal scammers

26 11 2013
Ali K Chishti

I had a smooth flight from Stockholm to Paris via edreams but was in a shock when I booked Paris to Venice from edreams which they didn’t confirm but I got a shock of my life when my credit card bill was charged 5 times for 164 Euros. My credit card company put the payment in dispute and I called edreams who were apologetic and did send out the cancellation letter.

19 12 2013

Thanks for this info. I too was scammed by this company. Wish I had checked your words first!!

15 01 2014
White Elk Clearwater

eDreams are super rippoff artists! I ordered a flight that according to their site should have cost $239 & wound up with my credit card being hit for $600!!! getting the ticket at all required an overseas phone call. Then when we got it, it showed $255 instead of 239 (that’s 7% added which is normal service fee BUT should have been included in what their website claimed was the billing price!). BUT then for some unexplained reason added another 30% to that, billing the credit card for $331 PLUS – GET THIS – they did not tell the airline that we paid them for the ticket & had the airline charge us also PLUS at a higher rate to boot! After a lot of emails & th ecreidt card company calling them they admitted to the airline that we paid for the flight already so we got that back but the rest not yet.
I got the idea that I think is great for all of us who have been ripped off by them is to complain to IATA. They can lose their license to book tickets!

24 01 2014

Do not under any circumstances or for any possible reason have ANYTHING to do with edreams. Tell everyone you know the they are a scam. They charged our credit card but didn’t book the flights.

27 01 2014

Glad I have found this review, appreciated you inform people! After several times trying to book a flight and getting the payment error as described above we already got cautious. There are many stories online, so please all avoid this site and go with the trustworthy sites as booking etc

12 02 2014

I have just found this site. I used them last week. Got an email advising that there was a problem with the flight bookings. I called on them on Monday and spoke with someone called Costa. He advised that the flight would be cancelled and to book again, however, I did my booking directly with BA with no problems.

I did ask him to send me an email confirmation for the cancellation, but he did not agree to do this and I thought this was strange. I have just checked today and £11.53 has been taken from my account so alarm bells are ringing louder than on Monday. I have just done a search on them and found all this stuff. I did do a check on them just before completing flight details, but did not look hard enough.

I did a hotel booking with them too. Spoke with someone again on Monday,
they took 10 mins to speaking directly with the hotel, (I am now dreading my mobile phone bill!) they advised that the payment would be taken on the Monday, since they had my details, however, this has not gone out of my account. So very concerned. Will need to contact my bank in the morning and try to book the hotel directly.

If you have any advice, I would kindly except any going.

20 02 2014

I’ve travelled twice using edreams with great prices and had no problems or waht so ever, guess I was lucky, I’m glad I found this website as I will never use their services again…

18 03 2014

booked a tickets with them , havent received confirmation weeks after so decided to phone them up , phoned them and they said they need a booking reference tried to explain that i did not had any , as havent received it, so they said will search for your details which they couldnt find 25 min after with my card number name etc, and the end they said their system isnt working properly , probably they had of talking to me , no help at all rude advisor, so i decided phone ryaanair directly, which said i had mistaknely typed my email address without 1 letter, so they done qucik security check and amended my email address, after 5 min talk, i got my initianary to my correct email address, i know its my fault but there is a way to find my booking, which they could be bothered to do. rubbish customer service and company ! my advice book directly with airlines !

23 03 2014

Many thanks for this useful information about eDreams. Pls keep doing it further.

30 03 2014
1 04 2014
Walid Hikmat

I am the latest victim of eDreams … just stupid.

1 04 2014
Anton Bouwer

All of the above is absolutely correct. i wish there was some way to expose them more publicly!! They stole R20 000 from me, and claim it cannot be refunded. When asking which airline company they booked with, they did not want to reveal them at first. After many many mails I discovered the airline and inquired from them. They said that the ticket is refundable, but edreams have to contact them to refund the ticket. After going backwards and forwards like this, I am now wondering if they are linked to the United Emirates, as UE does not want to refund me directly, and keep referring me back. They also keepsaying that I should contact them by phone… living in South Africa and phoning to Europe is not a cheap exercise, and this has only added to my loss in a big way. They are criminal and fraudulent to say the least. I will never book anything with them again, and will advise who ever reads this to do the same.

11 05 2014
Jorma P

Very, very bad experience – not to be recommended, unless you wish to lose quite a lot of money in vain…

When booking a return flight (Brussels – Helsinki – Brussels) the total price for three persons was for the whole time of the booking about 680 EUR. But my wife, who did the reservation, did not notice that in the conditions there was a mention that “service fee” was not included in the price. This is understandable, especially as at no stage there was any information on the total price before the payment.
The total price, charged from a credit card, was 782 EUR, about 100 EUR more than informed! This was because of “service fee”.
Edreams customer service informed us that we can, of course, cancel the reservation, but the service fee would not be refunded.

This is a most disgusting case of selling flight tickets online which we have ever encountered. Absolutely never again and and I recommend everyone to stay far, far away from Edreams.

13 05 2014

I tried booking London to Ibiza this company is a Scam a total scam .. DO NOT USE THEM EVER !!!!!!!!!

20 05 2014

I just returned back from my trip what i booked via eDreams. After i booked my flights i checked the reviews and got really worried. At the time everything looked fine. Then i got the same email what lot of you got, that they cant get my money as my bank holding it back. So i confirmed with the bank to release the money. They never asked me for copies of passport or credit card. On the next day i got an email from eDreams that the money got trough and the booking is done. They sent me my eticket as well and a text confirming my bookings. I booked 3 flight as multiple city (London-Toronto, Buffalo-New York, Washington-London. The price was 662 pounds. When i got my eticket i checked all the bookings with the airlines (Air Canada and United Airlines) everything was fine, all my bookings were confirmed and i was able to choose my seats as well and the price included my baggage as well for all flights. It was a really good deal as you would say too good to be true. I might be the few lucky one who has no problem at all, but l really didnt have any problem.
Im not saying that l recommend them and maybe l wont book with them again coz they still gave me few sleepless nights but at the end all my bookings were spot on, didnt have any extra hidden fees.

30 07 2014

Very con website. I totally agree with this story. It was very cheap when I first found it even with additional service charge, still cheap though. Anyway, Payment done but no e-ticket issued after 5 days waiting. Cannot contact customer service properly as their voice kept breaking when they talked over the phone. Never replied email after sent them twice. Avoid and block this website from your life. Never ever use them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 09 2014

Also booked a flight last week, had to cancel on the same day, only got through to their customer service department on the Saturday, therefore out of the 24 hours window for a void ticket. Was told I would need to pay a $300 penalty, this went up to $400 dollars overnight. Only to be told by the airlines that they are charging double on the cancellation fee, according to the “fare rules” legal document, I should only be charged $149.00. Any customer service line that charges ridiculous rates like this should be viewed as suspicious. The above took me 16 phone calls, still not resolved. They also adveertise cheap flights, not mentioning that if you have 2 stops in China or more, you require a visa, so most travellers just get denied entry upon arrival.
What they are doing is highly illegal. It is also impossible to get an e-mail address of anyone in the company ( they gave me a false one). Executive team cannot be contacted on linkedin, FB etc, by far the worst cusomer experience I have ever experienced. Be careful, pay a few dollars more and use someone else.

1 09 2014

This story is 100% true. I am right now going through the same struggle with edream (should say escam). Will never recommand this company to anybody.

3 09 2014

After intitally being charged $300 for a cancellation fee, it went up to $560 the next day. Contacted the airline who confirmed this amount is incorrect and should be $150!!! Edreams response- you either pay the full $560 or I don’t cancel and you lose the whole $1500. Give me an answer right now or I end the call! This was after 21 phone calls! Surely there is something we can do, report it to a governing body, they shouldn’t be allowed to get away worth this. Worst customer experience I have ever recieved and totally illegal practices I

28 09 2014

AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Yesterday, I was in the process of booking flights with this company, but when the payment was being processed, the Internet cut for some reason. When I got back on-line a few moments later, I tried to re-book, but with a slightly different combination of flights. Within a few minutes I received two emails from eDreams confirming that both reservations had been confirmed, but saying that the card payment had not been possible – presumably I thought because the first payment was cut short. My bank was playing safe it seemed, and in fact this seemed confirmed because it sent me instructions for setting up and additional security layer for future on-line transaction. At that point, using the eDreams “contact us” facility I told them that one of the reservations were surplus to my requirements and telling them exactly what I wanted. I then had a closer look at the small print on the confirmation emails and noticed i) that I had also been billed for insurance, which I had not requested; and ii) that in some cases card accounts are double billed, with a refund for the second payment being returned to the card account within “one week to a month”. At that point I smelled a rat and checked on line to see that eDreams has a reputation for malpractice! So, using their “contact us” again, I asked that the bookings be cancelled before the payments went through. I also contacted my bank asking them to block the payment. Yet this morning in my email were confirmation of both reservations from eDreams and that my card account is now some €700.00 lighter. This is either gross incompetence or more likely a deliberate attempt to mug someone. Either way I strongly recommend that no-one attempts to use this bunch of shysters!

3 10 2014

Hi, It’s an unfair practice on the part of eDreams to hide the service charge when the final price is shown on the payment page. I have a sample screen shot showing how edreams service charge was disguised / hidden at final payment page. The orange comment box covers the break up and cannot be moved. I would like to have refund of my eDreams service fee charged to me without proper notification.
Else I will raise a complaint with appropriate authorities

18 10 2014

absolute scam. Paid for return tickets and only received one ticket. They said money would be refunded but it has not. The ticket that was received was paid for under some one else. Mrs willie white?? What is this shit and why do they continue to get away with it

23 10 2014

OK well we have just had a similar con, ticket booked, paid one card, that fails, they ask for transfer and then for 10 days refuse to agree transfer has happened despite being sent the confirmation via email several times… I have to step in for person who booked it and found a way to ring for free… try saynoto0870 and they ahve free numbers for edreams… anyway I rang and told them I was disappointed that after so many trouble free bookings with them they have failed on this one, and now they stopping me booking the onward flight for our group with them as we have someone stuck without tickets to join the group… Magically they agree to trust the money is coming, but charge another 17 aus dollars as ticket have gone up… so they did that and the ticket appeared and they got to fly… SO everyone try that, ring and suggest you are about to book loads of flights for a group but have the person stuck not getting there,… it might work for you.. BUT we need them to stop all this, next week they are on Watchdog… watch it..

15 12 2014

Edreams sold me an unattainable itinerary. If I take the itinerary they propose, I will be stuck in New York the day before Christmas. The airline company does not want to confirm it in writing that the itinerary Edreams sold to me is unattainable but wrote: It is really cutting it fine, check-in and baggage drop-off closes 90min before departure time. Should you arrive any later we cannot guarantee you will be allowed to check in. Queues at security may take a long time, bearing in mind this is the run up to Christmas rush.
When I bought the ticket I was convinced I was considered a passenger in transit therefore I would be able to have more time to change airports but this is not the case. Edreams does not want to change my flight (without extra charges). I have to get home to go see my grandmother because it will probably be the last time but I can’t because they refuse to modify my itinerary.
I thought I would simply take a bus from Montreal to New York and catch my second flight but the airline company confirmed the following: If you do not take your YUL LGA flight without notification then yes, all subsequent flight will be cancelled.

30 12 2014

Hey, yestarday i boghut 2 ticket to tampa with edreams
and got charge 813$ at the same moment
today i got mail tthat the price is up to 1300 and i need to pay the rest
to confirm reservation so i called them and told them to cancel it and ask for cancalitn confromatio by emal but didnt recive nothing from them
i call pay pal and they say they will help me

do you think i will get my money back??

23 01 2015
Umer malik

I am the latest victim of E DREAMS,i was planning for a perfect holidays for my family since last year,i searched online for tickets & e dreams came with the best prices but i didnt book it,after that i recieved numerous emails from edreams to confirm my booking,my bad luck i did,i followed the link & made my booking,first of all the fare prices changed & then on the final page the £90 charge came on top of the flights,after booking the ticket i didnt recieve any confirmation email,the next day i called edreams & in the evening i received the confirmation which doesnt look like a eticket & in this confirmation the return flight got the wrong month,straight away i called edreams but the offices were closed,then i send them an email & the very next day first thing in the morning i called them & told them that they got the wrong month on my arrivals date even though in their email the dates was fine,they said they change it but i hgave to pay the fee which comes up to £950,i told them that its not my fault & ive got their email as a proof but they dont want to know,then i asked them if they can cancel my booking & they told me they can cancel it but they will charge me £1700 for cancellation fee,i paid £1920 for the flights,what a rip off & the staff was extremly rude,there answer was simple either i pay them or they will put the phone down which they did when i told them that i cant afford it plus its not my mistake,now im stuck,i reported to my bank & they opened the dispute as the money is already left my account lets hope i will get my hard earning back & offer my kids the holiday which they been waiting for,edreams are basically a dream killers,i wish i search about them before booking my flights with them.

28 01 2015

On premium number, after half an hour wait, a sleepy guy says, see the timings on website. When i see website, it says 24 hours open.

I tried to call the premium toll free number which says 24 hours open but nobody attended the call for almost half an hour.

At last I was able to connect to a very unprofessional guy Keshav, who puts calls on hold on every query and is unable to tell me charges for anything when i ask him

I told him that I would like to change my flight from details, but without my consent, all of a sudden he says I have cancelled your booking and these will be the charges.

I am yet to recieve the confirmation about the cancellation but I got a message today (for reservation done yesterday) on my cell phone saying “Thank you for booking with eDrams, Your itinerary etc etc”

In nutshell, almost all chaos.

19 02 2015

Booked my flight with edreams 2 days ago and received not the e-ticket. I rushed to the nearest airline branch to confirm my flight as soon as i read all these post. Airline confirmed that my booking appeared in their system even they issued me an electronic ticket. I just hope that there wont be any problem (cancellation of my flight) when I travel next week. I will never use this company ever again though.

8 05 2015

Stay away from this company, period!! I got scammed too.
I don’t know how they can get away with it and are still in business based on all these complaints. This blog is just one of many other including different languages circulating on the net. We should not be dealing with a company like this as individuals but maybe file a law suit as victims.

23 05 2015

you must be part of the scam

28 04 2015

dear sir
i cancel my ticket no this my pnr no is w3munl.three weeks ago i need cancellation letter for refund of my money.

23 05 2015

chai, you must be part of the scam, coz i have just been conned £over £1000, cant even say much right now

10 06 2015

eDreams scam!!!
bought a ticket, received a booking confirmation and not receiving ticket. Credit card was charged of course. When appearing at the airport, boarding was denied.
E-Dreams sold me the ticket, immediately charged credit card, but not issueing the ticket with AIR company – This is SCAM.
When received them by phone, they said that the ticket is more expensive and they were not able to get ticket from Air-company for the price they have sold me.
Since it was a one way ticket, the follow up tickets for continuation of travel (because of denial of boarding) were useless and to be thrown away.

8 07 2015

They are stealing money from my bank account, not sure who to contact first

17 07 2015

I was one of the lucky ones and the cost didn’t go up as the booking progressed and everything went through fine. I think it seems to be credit card users who suffer there. However, I unfortunately became too Sick to travel and had to cancel. It was a non refundable ticket, but the flights were with Virgin who informed me I was entitled to claim back the taxes. Turns out you can’t be taxed for something you didn’t use. I went through the refund process with Virgin months ago, and never got anything back, aside fr Virgin asking for the details of EDreams. I eventually called EDreams after Virgin informed me even they had failed to do so. They told me they couldn’t refund anything and needed more evidence before hanging up on me. I forwarded all of my correspondences with Virgin, but apparently that isn’t enough evidence. So I called Virgin and apparently they released the money to EDreams in May, and they should have returned it to me by now. I want to take legal action, or whatever action I can, but I have no idea where to turn. Can anyone help?

6 08 2015

Please, before you book a ticket on a website for travel. make sure you review and read about the website. Do not forget this rule. is a scam website. Do not go book with them or else, your money is gone.

7 08 2015
Liam Jones

I logged a post on here nearly 2 years ago. I still can’t believe they are getting away with this. After many air miles, I know only to go the Airlines website to book a ticket i.e direct. Don’t book with budget airlines.

Here’s a repeat of my story:

My Story – Edreams – E-nightmare!

So stupidly I booked with Edreams to go on a flight to China. I had all the extras they charged and it came to £566 for a one way. I then thought I had booked it. But then received an email stating there had been an error with my booking. I emailed them back with the email they gave me and didn’t hear back from them.

I found many bad reviews, I should have checked before hand. I rang my bank to cancel the pending transaction because of the error report email. I then checked two days later Edreams had sent the transaction again, even after I cancelled it, and took the money – £566.

So, it was about 5pm when I found they had taken the money the second time. I got really mad and looked at more reviews of people saying they couldn’t get refunds etc.

After I followed there procedures 4 days earlier by emailing them and not getting a response, I crawled the internet looking for every email address I could find in relation to edreams. I must have emailed 30 people insisting they got back to me. I also went on twitter and tagged all there accounts telling them nobodies emailing me back, I also went on their face book and posted a few comments. The final person I emailed was there CEO, I found him on LinkedIn. So pretty much I fired all cylinders and went mad messaging them. Kept refreshing my emails and nothing…I then checked my bank account at about 9pm. And there it was the full refund. So pretty much social networks helped me out a lot I think and it got me heard and most importantly my refund.

2 09 2015

I can only share the view EDreams = ENightmares

After having failed to receive refund for a flight that I insured in 2008, when I could not depart because of a sudden and tragic illness of my father and where I had spent several exchanges of mails and paper correspondence I had promised myself I was never going to even open the EDreams website again.
Which I kept up to August this year. I needed to buy a Malaysian Airlines ticket, Kayak identified a good fare and sent first me to Tui, I made the transaction with them, after 2 hours they contacted me to say that they could not confirm the flight and that they had NOT charged the credit card.

Here I was so stupid to go again into Kayak and accept the EDreams proposal, EDreams accepted the transaction and the payment. After 12 hours EDreams contacted me to say that the flight time had been delayed by 3 hours (something unfit for my schedule); at that point I said that I did not want the flight anymore; answer: Ok but you have to pay our Edreams booking fees and the airline company will take 2-3 months before refunding you….

The difference in approach between TUI and Edreams is amazing. If you read this post please cancel EDreams from your browser…

6 09 2015

I agree to all these back feedback I myself can guarantee that Edreams esp for the hotel they’ll make the booking is absolutely CRAP.They will send u email telling that the hotel cant accomodate you.But in the end of that they will still get the money in your bank.And when you made a complain that email was deleted and they will only show you the confirmation booking.Please dont trust this company!!!!!

12 09 2015
John Bowman

Before I begin with my review on this company, I can’t stress enough if your reading this post PLEASE be warned this company is horrible, The word customer service is not in their language.

Let’s get right to the point. I filled out the name information online basically all I needed to do was arrive at airport day of flight early (arrived 2 hours early) went to the kiosk to print boarding pass and was informed I was not on flight, then spoke with the lady at US Airways she said we do not have a John Bowman in the system for a flight today however we do see a John Bowman MR, I said thats me I was then informed my drivers license had to read that, I said when I filled out the form it asked for my name I put Mr John Bowman. I was told the airline would not let me on the flight.

Here is where the trouble begins mind you how I stressed no customer service? I call edreams explain my flight leaves in 2 hours I tell them the problem with the name and that it needs changed for me to board. I explain my children are having a Happy 50th Birthday party for me in Pa and I need to be there, I am told sorry Mr Bowman nothing we can do it normally takes 4 hours to change a name, 4 HOURS!! what stone age is this company living in? again all he says is sorry you will miss your flight but no sorry for screwing my name up.

The lady at the counter suggest I cancel flight and have them issue new ticket? guess what that takes 24 hours…..are you kidding me?

I get home call eDreams and a girl says well Mr Bowman if you want your money back we will have to charge you this and that and basically you will get $56 of the $319.64 you spent on the ticket.

I now demand a supervisor and he says sorry a 100 times but its not eDreams fault for the mess up according to him they dont make mistakes only customers do….how’s that customer service?
I’m told they are going to send my complaint to main office in Barcelona Spain ok then what? well sir it will take 24 hours for a decision to be made, seems like everything in Europe takes a day or they just sleep alot.

Supervisor says nice talking to you and you’ll hear from us in 24 hours. well that was a Friday and come Tues some 5 days later still nothing from them.

I call Edreams again and guy wants me to go over story again puts me on hold after 15 minutes of talking then hangs up on me, I call back and next guy says can you start from the beginning and tell me what happens, I am like sorry it would take me 24 hours to explain this to you instead can I talk to your Spain office, so I speak to a lady in the Spain office and I am told eDreams has a no refund policy and if I want the $56 back that are taxes I have to fill forms out, I said how much do I get back for your company screw up? 0 zero not a dame dime.

I explain this company lacks a lot of things and this is why they receive horrible reviews, she says we also get good reviews really? seems everyone in Europe loves your company most people in the United states are upset with your company, I did however say im 50 yrs old now and may last another 30 yrs so thats 30 yrs of bad mouthing your company and trying to turn people away from your business,

So if your reading this before you purchase a ticket, BE WARNED!!! dont do it!!!
ps this is where a customer service rep from the company will come on and say something like we are sorry to hear you had trouble with your flight, we would like to review your case in more details.

People don’t be fooled it’s their way of covering their butts, they want to appear like they have your best interest at hand,
just remember this,
hung up on
miss my flight
out $319
told its never their fault
is this really a company you should book your flight with?
enough said.

19 09 2015

I have had the worse experience I have ever had from a company.
To cut a long story short I tried to book my husband flights to Tunisia to see his family. When I tried to make the first payment on the evening of 5th Sept it told me my payment had been declined; I tried once more and it still did not show confirmation. When I called the company the next day a man told me there was only one booking attempt and the money had not been taken from my account. When I checked the bank £933 was taken. I spent a whole week making phones call to eDreams everyday and every time i spoke to someone they told me to wait 24 hrs, then 48 hrs and then 72 hrs until I then spoke to a supervisor who more or less told me I was lying because they could not see any evidence of the payment.
I called my bank who gave me the authorisation code so they could track down the payment but when I offered this they would not check it. I finally spoke to someone who told me if I forwarded a copy of my bank statement to prove the situation that they would have to offer me a refund. I did this through their complaint form and after 3 days had no response. After me making my 7th call on Saturday 12th I spoke to another supervisor who looked into it and finally for the first time admitted they had indeed taken the payment. This man told me that another company they work with had taken the money and i would now get a refund but we needed to wait for 10 days. With this confirmation we then decided to book tickets elsewhere with someone else to insure he could get home.
To my shock we then received an email stating there was after all a booking and then sent us tickets. Obviously by this time we no longer wanted the booking as we booked with someone else. I was then told that it was MY FAULT because I did not type in the email correctly so the booking was lost. I can not understand how the booking was lost because when you call it clearly asks for your phone number to track down the booking and every time I called I used my phone number that was registered with the attempted booking. Each time I also gave them my bank card details and passenger details; so with all these details how was it possible not to track down the booking until 1 week later. After me explaining this whole story I received a short response basically saying there is nothing they can do, it is my fault and I cant have a refund.
Today I have tried one last phone call only to speak to a very cold hearted lady who basically said a booking was made and we are not entitled to any cancellation with the airline. This whole process (over 2 weeks) has caused me so much stress and upset and I have not once spoke to anyone who has been understanding, sympathetic or helpful. I have explained that not only have I lost £933 but I have spent a fortune on phone calls. I have had no answers how this company can treat customers the way they do, all I get from them is FACTS and responses that clearly come from them reading a script on a card. Any decent company would have offered at least some kind of compensation for a customer who has been through hell and now out of pocket of nearly a grand.
I would NOT recommend this company to anyone; its not just the bad mistake that has been made through the whole week but I have never known of a company that has such a bad attitude and such awful customer service and looking at this site and can see I am not the only one.

12 10 2015

I agree with all above.
I was booking ryanair flights with what I thought was the ryanair website. They have a URL something like
Normally I am not a naive internet user and I would have probably seen the problem, except that during the booking process a popup appears saying “warning you just have 10 minutes before your reservation will be lost”. I then put in all the details as quickly as possible, but then at the end the final price was 30% more expensive. I naively thought that I had misread the prices at the beginning and completed the booking.
The deceptive URL and the cunning “time is almost up” popup is, in my opinion, an illegal practice.
These guys should be shut down!

7 11 2015

Do not book with this company, if your life depended on it. The company name is a true contradiction in itself.
When booking the flights, then checking the schedule and then double checking, I finally pressed the proceed with payment button. After doing so, a confirmation email arrived with a completely different inbound return flight, with different flight times, different airline and a 24hr stop over in Belgium( from Malaga to Bristol).
We tried to tell them their website was at fault immediately after the transaction was made, but they insisted that we owed them €60 per passenger; which we paid (6 passengers in all, €360) to proceed with the amendments.
These were not amendments, but attempts to rectify their mistakes; which we ended up paying for. Our flights were booked as Ryanair and outbound with easyjet. The outbound flight was correct, but the inbound came back as Brussels Airlines, with a 24hr stopover in Brussels.
My advice is to stay well clear of these charlatans, and go direct to the airline ie easyjet or Ryanair.
The sooner companies such as this go through the hoop, the better. They cause unnecessary stress by robbing people blind, at a time when people should be looking forward to a nice trip away.
I will be reporting them to Atol as soon as I get the chance. Whether it will do any good is yet to be seen. Just please don’t get stung as I did.
P.s To add insult to injury. The partial refund will take 14 to 28 days to come to me.

19 11 2015

So angry!! I telephoned eDreams to make a booking, being seduced by their advertising cheap flights on google. I really wish I’d booked direct with the airline now!! I was booking a flight from Bristol to Dublin for myself and a friend. Not once was the breakdown of what I was paying for ever told to me. I felt hurried and rushed through the phone call. I was not asked if I wanted to have luggage. It was only when I mentioned it that it was added on. I asked why there was such a difference in the flights they quote online and the flight price she was quoting me. I was told it was because of the fees. No more information was offered to me. I took what she said in good faith and booked. It was only when I received the confirmation email telling me just how much in fees I had paid that I really understood, JUST HOW MUCH I HAD BEEN RIPPED OFF. One flight came to £63.61 and the second flight came to £59.98 and eDreams fees were £52.49!!!!!!!! I paid in fees almost the price on one of the flights!!!! But of course it is too late to dispute then because the flights are non refundable. This is what eDreams count on, rushing through the phone call before you start asking questions and it is tool late, they have your money. Also of interest is the fact that when I went onto the website afterwards to see if there was anymore information on there, you realise that they are charging £18 for a 15kg bag to be added to the flight, and yet on Ryanair they only charge £15 and on Air lingus only £10 so they are scamming you even on the luggage allowance too!!! They quote a £1 a minute telephone number for customer care which is illegal in this country and Ryanair has taken them to court about the fact that you can be duped into clicking on their website link in google when you think your clicking on Ryanair. Everything about this company screams unscrupulous and I am having my bank’s dispute team take up the case to try to get their exorbitant fees back. Please never book with this company. The internet is littered with complaints and I wish I had known about them all before booking with them.

17 12 2015

Crap service if you call it!!!
Have solicitors involved now as they emailed stating they would refund us our full amount!!! Within 10days…!!! Which follows onto 16days and only paid less than half!! All the “staff” which is untrained, like to “refuse” to help you, give a managers name, supervisor!! But lie and pass you back and forth (which is costing you by the minute) Upto 2hours wIting and more to find, oh they need to transfer you again!!!

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